Wellbe is the result of my training as UI | UX Designer, with Coursera, I wanted it to look and feel like a real app, in order to experience the result and keep my learning motivation alive. At the end, the prototype was programmed with the help of a programmer friend, so we got the opportunity to learn from one another.


It is an app that enables busy people to follow a personalized diet plan with nearby restaurants. Healthy and to go!

Wellbe helps you order your meals with the exact quantity of ingredients to follow your plan anywhere and anytime.

The decision of creating this app started with a personal experience, back in Mexico I decided to start taking care of my meals in orer to start a healthy life-style, but every Friday, my co-workers and I used to have lunch outside, an many times I found myself, without a real option to enjoy and finished drinking something with them but eating at my desk after that.

My role

In this particular project, my role was pure user experience and user interface designing, from beginning to end. Even-though it was a personal project, I got feedback from actual developers of what could or could not be done and, the importance of though decisions such as budget and timing. I was in charge of the usability testing, among my friends and constant feedback during the wire-framing process through the coursera platform.

What I learned…

This project was the first one I really got into from beginning to end, with all the documentation, and questions about its usability so, I put into practice the basics, but also got to the communication experience with developers and possible final users.

I know sometimes an aesthetic element give a punch to the design but if it does not support usability, it is better to let it go, and to embrace that less is more, or that words are more understandable than icons; as designer I tend to understand graphics, but not everyone feels the same, an this project in particular made that clearer for me, more than ever.


When you are following a strict diet and you have a full-time job position, it is difficult to manage your time and get your meals ready, especially at lunch time.

Specific functions

Follow your diet with take-away

2. Get to know the nutrition facts

3. Personalize the amount of ingredients

4. Save your preferences for a future search, and create a profile

Created Persona

Alejandra has 30 years old, lives in Mexico City and she works fulltime as a partner consultant. She spends most of her day at the office and she struggles at lunch time between going out with her coworkers and keep her strict diet plan, she has celiac decease so it is difficult to her to fully trust in a restaurant.

The goals of the final user

1. Personal: A person who wants to look and feel good, increases self-esteem and avoid illness

2. Political: Create a lifestyle, time management, grow professionally and personally to be part of a fitness community 

3. Functional: Keep track of a healthy lifestyle and avoid allergies/illness

4. Social: Encourage healthy lifestyle and grow the community

The site-map



Helios Antique Semibold (36 pts)

Helios Antique Medium (24 pts)

Helios Antique Light (15 pts)

What makes Wellbe unique?

According to the user’s preferences, the recommended meals located in the main page will be changing.

It provides the user the expected search field, plus a categorized menu, and the already familiarized double tap to like an image, that in this case makes the meal a favorite, at the top of the main screen.

The user can select or deselect the meal’s ingredients, according to personal preferences or to keep a strict diet plan, which can be followed by double checking the nutrition facts, also provided by the app.

Clickable prototype